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Publié : 2 novembre 2012

Kite festival

A day at the Kite festival by the 2nde GT1

The festival takes place since 1980 and it is the most important in Europe. It takes place every two years . The festival is right next to the beach. In the festival there are many participants from all over the world. It lasts 8 days, it’s free.

On the 13th of September, we went to the kite festival in Dieppe. There was lots of wind but it was sunny.
We interviewed a few participants from all over the world and they explained how they made their kites and why they liked coming to Dieppe .
Here are a few samples of the interviews , some of them are in their native tongue , some are in English .

A participant from the USA

USA participant

Ines from Columbia

Ines speaking in Spanish

A participant from Australia

Australian participant

A participant speaking German

A German participant

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